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The word that captures this moment is "Beyond."

The fresh wreckage caused by COVID, and the enduring damage of racism, are beyond imagining. Taking them on is beyond the abilities of any one group. Everyone with fierce commitment, and the ability to shock the system, must play a role.

Those most at risk

Almost half of COVID-19 deaths are residents of nursing homes attentively cared for by health aides. These aides, who have labored without adequate protective gear, suffer from a high rate of infection. They are primarily women of color who are underpaid, undervalued, with no voice. They watch the people they care for - and have grown to love - die silently and painfully.

It’s time that her Promise becomes a Reality

Health aides often neglect their own care. To identify signs of their stress, we will offer an online assessment of anxiety, depression and current coping capacity. In collaboration with Columbia University, we will offer free of charge culturally sensitive clinicians who provide empowering information and resilience training.