About Desiree Ghisolfi, LMSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Manhattan as well as New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Desiree Ghisolfi

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Desiree Ghisolfi,  LMSW, is a licensed therapist with experience working with clients who have complex trauma histories, comorbid psychiatric diagnoses, and substance use disorders. She sees patients at Rappore, a therapy services and medication management practice based in the Lennox Hill neighborhood of Manhattan. Her mission is to help her patients experience an improved sense of mental well-being and a better quality of life. 

Desiree's therapeutic style blends traditional psychodynamic therapy with techniques from various evidence-based modalities, including CBT, DBT, and ACT. Desiree specializes in working with LGBTQ+ clients and provides a warm, genuine, non-judgmental environment for her clients to facilitate healing based on a trusting therapeutic relationship. 

Desiree earned her Master’s in Social Work from Fordham Graduate School of Social Service. She previously worked as a psychotherapist in the Outpatient Behavioral Health Department of Samaritan Hospital in Upstate New York.

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