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Expect the Wind At Your Back

Save Your Energy For Therapy

At Rappore, expect a level of client service rarely experienced in healthcare. Our support staff is eager to serve you, 7 days a week. Let’s eliminate the headwinds of bureaucracy: insurance headaches, appointments snafus and time consuming "paperwork".

Services Offered

Rappore's experienced clinicians serve people, age 16 and older. We offer a broad range of mental health and substance abuse services: individual, couples, family and group therapy, and when needed, medication.

Initial Consultation

Right now, you can schedule a free phone consultation with one of our experienced therapists. Share what is troubling you and clarify what you need. Begin to manage signs of stress like insomnia, anxiety and depression and struggles in relationships and at work. Lay the foundation for a healthier routine.


If you need mental health treatment, work with the therapist best matched to achieve your goals. Our psychiatrists prescribe medication at the lowest dose possible while carefully monitoring side effects.