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About Rappore

Rappore is a Northeast-based practice that offers the highest quality psychotherapy and medication management.

Our clinicians are a close-knit group who collaborate and support one another. Our faculty includes the most sought after supervisors from the best academic medical centers. Patients fill out our unique questionnaire based on cutting edge research and clinical wisdom. Results inform diagnosis, treatment decisions, and facilitates learning.

Our dedicated support staff addresses day-to-day administrative issues such as billing and scheduling so you can devote time to your patients.

About You 

• You are honest, dedicated and compassionate. • You recognize patients’ individual differences, signature strengths and unique goals. • You are skilled in evidence based treatments and integrate them flexibly into patient centered treatment plans.
• You are eager to take on personal responsibility and take satisfaction in enabling patients to overcome their symptoms and personal challenges to achieve their full potential. • You are committed and eager to learn while pursuing a fulfilling career.