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You are stressed by the challenging job market.

You struggle to find a partner or achieve intimacy.

You suffer from anxiety, depression, burnout.

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How Rappore Works


Select a treatment
option that
meets your needs.


Fill out a short online
form so we can understand
your treatment goals.

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Your best matched
clinician will contact you
to discuss next steps.

Tablet and laptop

Conveniently scheduled
sessions and
messaging as needed.

Treatment Options


Evaluation and diagnosis

Best evidenced-based therapy

Weekly sessions and secure messaging with your therapist


Evaluation and diagnosis

Focus on building resilience

Weekly therapist-led group sessions

Join our Group Therapy Waitlist
Best Value

Individual Therapy
+ Rappore Medication

All of the features of Individual Therapy and
Rappore Medication

Best and Safest Prescribing
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Technology that empowers you

Our unique online questionnaire - MyProgress - enables you to learn more about your symptoms and challenges.

Identify priorities for therapy sessions.

Track your progress for better, faster and lasting results. 

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The finest therapists and psychiatrists

Identify what in life you can control.

Find solutions to problems.

Achieve independence and mastery.