Get Your Life Back

Feeling overwhelmed with no path forward?

For 35 years at Columbia and other leading institutions we have helped patients who have lost hope.

The finest therapists and psychiatrists, now online.

Learn more about us: Our Story and What to expect.

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Your Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Whether therapy has let you down, or you’ve resisted it and are deeper in the spiral of despair, we welcome you.

We’ve succeeded with patients because we believe in them.

We build a bridge – our name is Rappore for a reason – that becomes the emotional foundation for giving you back the life you’ve lost.

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Your Voice is Our Mission

Our patients are capable of thinking creatively and expressing themselves in ways they have never imagined.

But without a connection to someone who empowers them to find it, their voice remains silent or is off-key.

We help people speak up, assert themselves and stand up for their rights. That’s why we get results.

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The Exhilaration of Letting Go

Sometimes it takes a single therapist. Other times we orchestrate collaborative treatment from experts in related fields.

But success always feels the same, because our patients have gained confidence. They have overcome their paralyzing fears and acquired the resilience to ride into their futures. Even – or especially – the parts unknown.