Empowering You

Do any of these sound familiar? 

"I can't seem to stop worrying." "I'm not interested in anything anymore."
"I'm falling behind in everything." "Even when I'm with others, I feel alone."

At Rappore, we value you as a human being in pain who is looking for relief, rather than a diagnosis or a patient to be put through a treatment protocol. 

We've discovered that if you are experiencing anxiety, depression or failure in your life, you often have lost your voice.  With a connection to someone you can trust - and who believes in you - you can gain the ability to find and use your voice to ensure that others listen to and respect your rights and wishes. Our goal is to assist you in learning the skills required to deal with your greatest challenges, as well as gaining the momentum required to achieve things you thought were impossible.

While overcoming symptoms and life stressors is important, developing resilience is necessary to prepare you for future challenges. According to research, resilience can be acquired by developing a positive mindset, learning how to face fears, develop a moral compass, build a social network, find inspiring role models, get fit, and find meaning and purpose