About Betty Jeanne Kass, LCSW

in Upper West Side, New York, NY

Betty Kass

Co-Founder & Clinical Director

Betty Jeanne is a Teaching Faculty at Rappore, a therapy services and medication management practice based in Manhattan, New York. She founded and directed the Columbia Day Treatment Program which served patients who struggled to cope with major life crises. The bedrock of her program was a group of dedicated clinicians who worked together for decades and provided the skills and dedication needed to make a difference with patients. Trained at the Ackerman Institute she included families as partners in treatment. She recognized that patients cannot be reduced to diagnoses and have complex needs, and added programs in substance abuse and eating disorders. She was consulted by groups who wanted to replicate the program and presented outcome data in national forums. She is known not only as an outstanding mentor, but also a sensitive and compassionate clinician.